Over the past several months, I have had the pleasure of having Tatiana photograph different projects for me. Earlier in the year Tatiana did the photography for a couple of different magazine articles. I was extremely happy with the way she worked to be creative with the different shots and poses. I thought the pictures she selected really helped enhance the quality of the articles. Also, this year Tatiana was the photographer for one of our key business meetings at a local hotel resort. She did a fantastic job of making sure each of our speakers and group pictures were properly framed and lit. I had her do touch-ups of some selected photos and the final pictures were excellent.

Dennis Manns
Vice President – Logistics & Sales Planning
American Honda Motor Company Inc.

“My first project with Tatiana several years ago had to do with wall charts we had hand drawn for a new Quality Management class to be taught company-wide.  We were struggling to keep the charts intact while they had to travel throughout the country.  Tatiana came up with this light, durable material to duplicate the charts on and came back to us with multiple easy-to-hang wall charts so we could repeatedly use them both in Torrance and at remote sites without anything happening to them.  Plus they are washable!

But I saw her real talents in a more recent project for re-designing the logo and creating posters for the Honda Philosophy.  For the logo, she picked it up from where it was left by the designer who had first worked on it, and created a beautiful new logo with several different color schemes.  Everybody who sees the new HP logo in the selected colors just loves it !   With posters, Tatiana was extremely attentive to our verbal ideas (and patient with our requests for change) and turned them into what I think are breath-taking series of visuals, images you don’t expect in typical ‘posters.’  I believe what makes Tatiana successful is not just her talents but her dedication to customer service. “

Tina Fujiwara
Organizational Development
Human Resources Division
American Honda Motor Company Inc.

Tatiana is a wonderfully talented and knowledgeable graphic designer who does fabulous work and delivers both on time and within budget constraints. I’d highly recommend Tati’s services!

Michael A. Ocasio
President & CEO,
Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County